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ORKE Detective Research and Consultancy


Crime Investigation Specialist
Retired Murder Bureau Police
UYAP Registered Expert

I was born in 1972, in the district of Çarşamba, Samsun. After completing my primary, secondary and high school education in the same district, I started Elazig Police School in 1992. I continued my education at Eskişehir University Police Vocational School and graduated from the same school.

After graduating in 1993, in the Istanbul Public Security Branch staff; After working in Motorcycle Police Teams (Dolphins), Homicide Bureau Chief and Theft Offices, I was appointed to Kahramanmaraş province in 1997 for my oriental service.

After working in Kahramanmaraş Public Security Branch Office of Homicide between 1997-2001, I was appointed to Ordu province in 2001.

Between 2001 and 2009, I continued my career by working in the Fatsa and Gölköy districts of Ordu, again in Public Security Bureau Chiefs.

In 2009, I was reassigned to Istanbul Province, and in 2017, I retired from the Public Security Branch Homicide Bureau Department, voluntarily, by completing my service period. I am married and father of 1 daughter.

In the program "Pursuit of Reality" broadcast on TV8 screens in the light of the experiences I have gained throughout my professional life; I made comments on the live broadcast on the murder incidents. Currently, I provide consultancy services as an expert guest in the program named "Don't Give Up with Didem Arslan Yılmaz", which is still broadcasting and broadcasted on Show TV screens.

As ORKE Detective Research and Consultancy, which I established in 2017, I also continue to serve those in need with experienced personnel in their field.

In addition, I completed my "Basic Expertise" training at Istanbul Technical University and registered to UYAP system. I also provide consultancy and research services to Prosecutors, Courts, Lawyers and individuals.


Lawyer Hasan Tahsin CECELOĞLU

    Lawyer Hasan Tahsin CECELOĞLU was born in 1995 in Fatsa district of Ordu province; He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Fatsa district.

    After completing his education at the Faculty of Law of the Girne American University of Northern Cyprus in 2019, he currently continues to work in his office named CECELOĞLU Law and Consultancy in Istanbul Bakırköy district. 

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