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  • Murder Events

  • Case File Review

  • Collecting Evidence

  • Missing Person Investigation

  • Collecting Evidence for Divorce Cases

  • Pre-Marriage Research

  • Address Detection

  • Fraud Incidents

Crime Scene Investigation
Collecting Evidence for Cases

Regarding the issues mentioned above under main headings; As ORKE Detective Research and Consultancy Services, we provide services on the field and on file in every field needed. While providing these services, all the information obtained is kept in full "confidentiality" and delivered to our customer at the end of the job and the information on our side is destroyed without a copy. No service is provided in any matter that may constitute a crime. Likewise, no service is provided that would violate the Privacy of Private Life. As ORKE Detective, there is no such thing as taking the job of each of our clients. It varies according to the availability and whether the work is against the law.

As a result of the investigations made to lawyers, real persons or legal entities on the file regarding murder incidents and similar criminal files; Expert Opinion is given on subjects such as HTS investigation, sound and image analysis, ballistic investigation, crime scene investigation reports, graphology, which are our officially certified areas of expertise, and field studies are also carried out on request.

You can get more detailed information by contacting about the issues mentioned or not.

  • Insurance Fraud

  • Brand Counterfeiting:

  • Mystery Shopper (Store Controls)

  • Personnel Research

  • Customer Research

  • Company Risk Analysis

Research Services for Institutions
Corporate Customer and Personnel Research

As ORKE Detective Research and Consultancy Services; We present the report prepared to our customers by conducting the researches required by the corporate companies regarding the services listed under the main headings above, with care and confidentiality. Briefly, necessary researches in many areas such as cheating in order to get money from insurance, imitating the brand product of a famous company, not behaving well to the customer in the store, who will actually be the person to be hired, and how safe the new customer of a company that makes sales to the market. It is carried out by us in the light of vast experience. These services are not only limited to our country; We provide the same service in all European countries thanks to our solution partner, whose headquarters are located in the German state of Cologne.


Technical Data Review and Storage
  • Cyber Crimes

  • Data analysis

  • Image Review

  • HTS Records Review

  • Digital Research

  • Social Media Research

As ORKE Detective Research and Consultancy Services; Reports prepared in full confidentiality by our expert staff on the subjects specified under main headings are delivered to our clients, lawyers or judicial units.

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